Mob: 4G-G4

.A.K.A.: G4

Tyep of Mob: War-Drone

Frie/host: Hostel

Height: 9 feet 

Wight: 444lb

Date of birth: <Data yet to be found>

Power: None

Weapons: Multy-use Mini-guns

Number: 444

Description: G4 is a robot that was made in the planet Scawr and is a close look of Titan. G4 is also known as the "Titanater" witch means in this case: Titans helper. G4 is the leader of all Titanaters and still survs the 444 and Titan him-self. G4 is an advanced battel robot, and has advaced weapons on him. The arms of G4 appear to have a two (2) large mini-guns that can form into any weapon and can also mix weapons to. Ex: A mini-gun fireing sniper bullits, or a rapped-fired rocket-launcher that fires 20 or more rockets por second. G4  is mobolised by one (1) wheel and the wheel can form to any turane wheel, but if wheel is brocken, he can store it away and use spidor legs to replase to brocken wheel as the wheel is geting fixed inside of G4. The fact that G4 never runs out of amow is unknown and G4 never tells anyone, nor anything. The misson of G4 here on earth is unknown, but he just chooses to fork for 444 and Titan only.

Note: G4's armor is made out of Titannakan-steel wich makes him preaty resistance to even a missle. Titannakan can bee found on the planet Scawr, But its 425.36544152 miles under ground zero for a human. Since Weredinosaurs there are Bigger then anything we ever emagened, for them its only 42 miles under ground.

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