Black HunterEdit

Mob: LO-2

.A.K.A.: Black hunter

Tyep of Mob: Titanater

Frie/host: Hostile

Heght: 7 feet

Weight: 400lb (max)

Date of birth: <Data lost>

Power: No power

Weapons: flame througher, all-rang-rapped-fire-shot gun, spicked-iron-bat

Number: 444

Other objects: High-tech, 1987 Road-Rawr (Car)

Description: LO-2 looks like a black street racer waring a black helmet discizing himself from others.LO-2 also has a deep voice. LO-2 was found to be a robot build on earth and his car, but the muteryals used to make this robot were shiped from Scawr ananimisly. LO-2 use to just crash criminals on there "get-away"cars or trash streat races and let the police handle it there, but the VLF inside LO-2 lost controle of doing the same thing and whanted to do something more "Thrilling". Wich resulted in killing every criminal and street racer he comes accrose. He has his weapons on his hands and shoots through the polm of LO-2's hand, and also can form a spicked iron bat from them. What LO-2 is made out of is this missel proof iron called "Titanaken", and "Nyon Iron" wich is an iron that's weight can be controled. Titanaken can only found on Scawr and Nyon Iron Can also be found on Scawr as well. LO-2 apears to have a negative atatude and has little pashents for humans, but still is willing to save lives. LO-2 never meat Titan befor but heard storys about him and has looked at the news and saw Titan on some news reports but never saw him in face to face. LO-2 hides the fact that hes a robot since Titanaken and Nyon Iron cant be detected by metel detectors. Wich makes him more of a beter chance of hiding umung human enviurmints.

Other Description: LO-2 rides on a high-tech 1987 Road-Rawr. The 1987 Road-Rawr looks like a rectenguler, car exposing a big motor. The color of the car is Pich-Black and the windows are strongly tented Cristalized-glass. Cristalized-glass is a missel proof glass that was created on Scawr. The outer and iner part of the car is compleatly made out of Titanaken, Nyon Iron, Undefined Iron, Undefined Glass, Silck steal, Health Iron, Chipted Iron,Chipted Glass, Spoked Ruber, Crystaliyded Ruber, and Shifter Ruber. The Road-Rawr has a porsenal assestant VLF trained to assest LO-2 in any way she can. The porsenal assestant's name is Salya. The Road-Rawr's weapons such as the "Engean Cannon" is formed from the Chipted Iron, the amow used to fire the Plasmanoma out of the Engean Cannon is stored inside the Road-Rawr, the amow sorce is an "Amow-ball" wich is a non physicol energy ball that suplys the amownishon for alot of the weapons used on Scawr. The Road-Rawr has a recered of brakeing the speed of sound, and mainly the engean can move the car up to 10,000,000mph. Makeing it the car the fastest car ever to be builed.

Other: LO-2 is the leader of a small group inbetween the 444 team called "Black Hunters". Wich is a team of Titanaters that also have human caricoristics and all use high-tech, super veacols.

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