Name: Blue Lightning

Age of VLF: 24

Age of state: 4

Symbol: Bolt

Hight: 7.8


Description: Blue lightning has the appearance of a adult-teen with half of her skull reveling her mechanical parts that allow her to show off her 6 extra eyes on the left side of her face, she has a lightning bolt in the center of her real eye, has pail wight skin also reveling some scars and stitches, black hair with some highlighted blue lines, wares a black bra, short shorts with the team's symbol on her right thy, and black converse all star shoes, and has long robotic pony tails that reach down to her hips. Blue lightning is capable of shape shifting any body parts of herself into any tool or weapon that revolves around anything to do with electricity. She is know to be the top leader of the whole Star King team and she is dose her best to make sure her teammates and herself do a good job and survive on every mission she is given.

Other: Blue lightning shows herself leading her team to her first battle on "Star King Episode 1"

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