Mob: Drone
Drone The Killer drawing

A.K.A: Drone the killer

Tyep of Mob: WereDinosaur (Human/Dinosaur)

Frie/host: Hostel

Height: 6-9 feet

Wight: 101.3 lb

Age of today: 941 millin years old

Power: None

Weapons: pensol, pen, glue stick, small axe, ruler, hammer, scissors, plastic spoon, plastic forck, plastic nife, toy nife

Number: 444

Description: Drone looks like a 14-18 year old boy with a mouth that looks cut open, big blue eyes, black hair, claws, and sharp teeth, and a cracking voice thats semy high pitch. The story of this kid gose by everyone calling this kid "Drone the killer" becaus Drone  likes to kill criminuls for a living. Drone dusint have a home so its most likely that he walks around in the day and night, but vanishisif he gets tiyored and need some sleep. It says here that most victoms of Drone had been stabed to death with a pencole, or pen. Unlike other killers that use a nife or a chansaw, Drone usis a pensol or  a pen for stabing, giving lead-poisoning if pensol, or uses a pen for ink-poisining to a victom when it comes to clous combat. It also says that some roomers say that Drone says "good night" before killing a victom, then kills the victom by stabing in the eyes, stabing in the neck and leting the victom drown, or stabs the victom in the hart slowly. Drone has no family so he has no expereince of being with one. The Police has been looking for Drone for years. But no resault has came of finding Drone.

Note: Drone is a drone weredinosaur and will do anything to kill its victoms, Allso note that this kid thinks twice before doing anything so you need more than a noock to kill a kid that can cause such grate damich to a criminul.

First incounter

here is the first incounter with Drone The was during an attack

criminul1: ya what the FUCK you said that kid was died...

*lisunce to phone*

criminul1: ya ya lisin here! if you dont fucking kill that motherfuckering kid IM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOUR GOD DAME ASS!!!!

*hangs up and throughs the phone at a sofa and sits on it*

criminul1: HEY DANYEL!!! WHERES MY RAPE SLAVE!?!....

*no awnsore from Danyel*

criminul1: Danyel?

*stands up and walks slowly to the door*



*blue eyes open from the darknice of the open door*

criminul1: Danyel?

*drone the killer chargis at him and slames him to the ground*

criminul1: AAAAAHH!!!

*Drone the killer steps on the criminul's right arm, head, and grabs his left arm with the gun in the criminul's hand*

Drone: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...your "rape slave" is now free as we speek...and Danyel is now sound asleep...


Drone: i whant go to sleep now

criminul1: no...No...NOOOOO!!!!

*Drone pulls out a pencole, kicks the gun out of the crimunil's hand after a few missis of gunshots, and stands on both of his arms*

criminul1: NO! PLEAS!!!! ILL CHANGE!!!!

Drone: i hard that from you a loong looong looong loong time ago...and i gave you so meany you must go to sleep now.

*neals down and ams the pencole at his left eye*

*Drone lifts his pencole over his head*

Drone: GOOOD NIGHT!!!!

*stabs the criminul in the eye slowly*


*Drone wispers in the died criminul's ear*

Drone: good night...

*Drone grabs the died criminul's arm, and starts eating the criminul*

*after an hour, Drone finishis eating the died criminul and blood is everywere*

*Drone stands up...and leavs the werehouse*


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