Mob: Iyes

A.K.A.: Trap builder

Type of Mob: WereDinosaur (Human/Dinosaur)

Frie/host: Hostile

Height 9 feet

Wight: 650 tons (Max)

Age of today: 932 million

Power: <None>

Weapons: Claws and fangs <No tools or armor>

Number: -444

Description: Iyes has the appearince of Titan but with a set of different torcher tools trimed out from his claws. Also for his pitched in eyes that tear out blood whenever he smiles. Iyes is known as a realy expert trap setter and has been best known of takeing over a city and turing it into a game of torcher. Iyes is also best known as the "Trap builder" for his talints of seting up clever traps. Iyes's is also part of Smiyl-titan's groop the "-444". And was known to be Smiyl-titans's side kick. The history behind this monster is unknown. all that is known is that Iyes is a Trap builder. The rest of his history was lost.

Note: Again this is a Drone Were Dinosaur, and will do anything to kill its victim.

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