Jessica Tooth-claw

Mob: Jessica Tooth-claw

.A.K.A: The Human Shadow

Type of mob: WereDinosaur (Human/Dinosaur)

Frie/host: Hostile

Height: 6-9 Feet

Wight: <data yet to be found>

Date of birth: <data yet to be found>

Power: Thunder

Weapons: War shovels (unlimited)

Number: 444

Description: Jessica Tooth-claw has the appearance of a 16 year old girl with snake like eyes, sharp fangs, a snake like tounge, blonde hair, and a frgure one (1) body "Just how you guys like it". Jessica Tooth-claw has a female look of Titan and has the same power orb as Titan, except its element is thunder. Jessica Tooth-claw wears a jacket thats suposed to stand out as Titan. The description of the jacket is that the hood has teeth on the edges and blue eyes on top. Jessica Tooth-claw during her "hunting season" she gives off a gas that attracks a human male and in an instant the male falls in love with her just enough for the male not to care about the eyes and the snake like tongue. During this process, Jessica Tooth-claw takes advantage of the male's emotions, and that means that once the male is in love with Jessica Tooth-claw, the male's life is in danger. Jessica will start going out on dates with the victim for ex: A date out to the movies or out for dinner. Then after a while during the "love" process, the male will want to have intercourse with Jessica Tooth-claw "This means the guy is scrawed". During the intercourse with Jessica Tooth-claw, Jessica will want to "kiss" the victim in the neck. Once Jessica Tooth-claw "kisses" the victim, she will bite down on the victom's neck, doing nasty damage to the males trachea and waches the victim slowly drowns in his own blood. After the victim dies, Jessica Tooth-claw will finish the body by eating him "I'm serious here, she WILL eat him". During Jessica Tooth-claw hunting season, Jessica Tooth-claw can't become pregnant by a human although it IS possible that a human can get a female human/dinosaur impregnanted since the sexual organs of a female human/dinosaur are the same as a female human.

Note: Note that this is a Drone WereDinsaur and WILL do ANYTHING to kill its victim, and if a victim does manage  to run away alive without geting bitten, he'd better run away fast because Jessica Tooth-claw can chop your head off with her war shovels faster than the speed of sound. Also note that in her recored it says here "ALL victoms appear to be most wanted criminuls" whatch your neck.

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