Mob: Smiyl-Titan

.A.K.A.: Smiyl

Tyep of Mob: WereDinosaur (Human/Dinosaur)

Frie/host: Hostile

Heght: 9 feet

Wight: 685 tons (max)

Age of today: 931 million years old

Power: Weekness

Weapons: Swords <No tools or armor>

Number: -444

Description: Smiyl-titan stands out as a drone weredinosaur but with eyes that look like X's panted on useing blood, and a smile with blood around the fang-lips. Smiyl-titan has been known as the "Usless killer" for his attempts to commit lots of murder without any reason. Smiyl-titan has also been best known for his love for the sufferment of people and animals. He finds lots of pleasure is others sufferment and addors to see anyone's death. According to his attacks, his pattern is unknown and cant be known where he will attack next. Another thing what makes Smiyl-titan very dangeres is that he can be summend by thoughts. If anyone where to start thinking about him nonstop, The victom is asking for smiyl to kill the victom. Smiyl-titan is also the leader of his groop called "-444". A groop of weredinosaurs that wish of Titan's death and the end of any life out in the whole exestans. In other words "Smiyl-Titan like to see everyone sad"

Note: Also note that this as also a Drone WereDinosaur wich also means that this creature will do anything to kill its victim, and in a very slow death of torture and will leave the following symbol after killing a victim: XWX

Chat with Doc------- and .S.P.I.N.O. Commander------- after an attack with Smiyl-Titan

Doc-------: Is it okey if I record this?

Commander-------: Ya, *deep breath* I'm fine with it...

Doc-------: Okay so, can you tell us. How'd it go during your encounter with Smiyl-titan?

Commander--------: Well... I dont know how it all happened. It was... Horrible...

Doc-------: Can you tell us your story from the start please?

Commander-------: Ya ya okay okay, *hesetates* Uhhh, okay.

Commander-------: It stated by the time we got there. We circled the house so he wouldn't be able to escape us. Then we were going to track Smiyl-titan to bring him here, that's when Doctor------- called. The sound of the ringing in the helecopter must've woken him up, and that's whan I started hearing gun shots.

Commander-------: We all attacked Smiyl-titan, but he ran up to Unit ----, grabbed him, and ripped his leg off.

Commander-------: Poor guy, screaming in pain, but Smiyl-titan got the best out of him. I never realy got to see his face.

Doc-------: Did Smiyl-titan show any sign of pain?

Commander-------: He didn't even seem notice the pain. Round after round, he just keept tearing apart my sqaud. Not to mention the fact he was laughing as he was killing everyone.

Doc-------: Thats when you called Unit ---- to pick up the rest of your guys, correct?

Commander-------: Yup, I guess I was the only one who survived. Unit ---- shot him with a revolver, and he darted away laughing. Guess maybe god, or something bleased me enough, to surive, the jackass mother fucker.

Doc-------: We have a photo of Smiyl-titan's face....

Doc-------: Would you like to see it?

Commander-------: *deep breath*.... you know....

Commander-------: After what he did....

Commander-------: And the horrible laughing of that bloody thing....

Commander-------: I dont really want to put a face of what I heard...


Doc--------: Okey, i guess we'r all done here, Thank you commander.

*Commander------- walks out of the room*

*Door closes*

Doc-------: Cancel the containment, Smiyl-titan must be terminated as soon as posible.


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