Mob: Titan

.A.K.A.: The Shadow, Titan-man, The face of death, The blue king, Dark-man, The Black Giant, Lightning, The depreased dinosaur, The Axe-man

Type of Mob: WereDinosaur (Human/Dinosaur)

Frie/host: Hostel

Height: 9 feet 

Wight: 4000000 tuns (max)

Date of birth: <Data yet to be found>

Power: Lightning

Weapons: Lightning Axe (Unlimited)

Number: 444

Description: Titan looks like a tall black figure, with blue eyes and an empty mouth. It appears that the lips are the teeth (fangs) are used to slice through anything for extreme damage and the blue eyes allow this creature to see clearly in the dark and can also be turned into heat sensors so this creature can detect the body heat of prey when hidden.Titan's since of smell is so strong and so fine, he can smell any objects from 754,746,721,444 miles away and can also smell the drenalin of anyone and anything from inside that distans. Titan has pitch black, scaly, lizard like skin, claws that stretch up to 10 feet long when at maximum range, and has Velociraptor like feet with a "Toe-Claw" for stabbing into pray, inflicting greavous wounds to the back, stomach, neck, hand, legs, feet, and even skull. The Velociraptor like "toe-claws" have two (2) toes insted of three (3). One (1) is for stabilisation, and the other one is for stabing into pray. It also shows that this creature can also speak in every language, and a "Dinosaur" language apears to be one of them. Also, Titan appears to have an electric charge inside of him that can be shown as a lightning strike or shock and appears that Titan can give off volts and never run out of power. Titan can also take in volts and never overload, this includes his lightning axe that he uses for battle, and has the same power that Titan has, although it is not the power source for Titan. Titan's lightning power is located in his chest and is shown as a blue, circuler orb that has several shockwaves emerging from it. This orb can't be stolen by ANY attack, spell, curce, prosice, or prayer, though ONLY the user of the orb can dicied if the orb should be removed or not. As well as other attacks, mind control is not going to help at all because if mind controlled, the orb will refuse to be removed from the user, UNLESS the user him/her self decides to remove it. And if the orb is not convinced by the new user, the orb will return to its main user immdiately  Also note that this creature has a symbol which is the following: "XX^". That symbol is left behind every time he finishes hunting, and sometimes leaves this symbol for a signaturer or "pin point". It also shows that this creacher has such a stong reflex, it has the power the cash any kind of bullit from any kind of gun with the tip of his claws. Titan also appears to have the obility to grow tentacls on any bodypart of him (mostly he profirs his back) than can streach forever and can shift into anything. The tentacls are also can reform if one is to be chiped off  and the one thats no longer in his body will turn into a black unknown spot on the ground and will go back to Titan by its-self. Titan can also grow wings on his back that uses a different kind of struckshure alowing Titan during flite abel to munover through the air more effecently then any flying object ever known. Agen if any of the wings are cut off, a new one will instantly reform and the one thats cut off will vanish and the flesh used to make the wing will regrow instantly on Titan, without disturbing him if flying.

Note: Titan is a very vicious, violent, smart, and deadly. He is part of a species of human/dinosaurs called "Drones". A Drone in this case does'nt mean the word robot, it means: Vicious, clever, and deadly. Titan appears that he is a "King Drone", which means that he is VERY powerful and a VERY hard creature to kill. Just because the fact hes skinny, DOES NOT mean he is weak. Titan is so powerful and SO strong, he DOES have enough fire power to through an object and make at least one (1) lap AROUND the WORLD though, of course, it all depends on how hard Titan throws the object in question. Also, Titan has this unknown ability to grow into incredebal hights.

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