Mob: Titanium

A.K.A.: The God of Fire| Charged Titan

Type of Mob: WereDinosaur (human/Dinosaur)

Frie/host: Hostile

Height: (No end to height)

Weight: (No end to weight)

Date of birth: <Data lost>

Power: Fire + Lava + Lightning + Thunder + Death + Life

Weapons: Lightning axe + War Hammer

Number: 444

Description: Titanium looks like a cubic form of Titan, but with red eyes instead of blue. This is what we call,"The charged Titan". If natural lightning strikes Titan not under Titan's command, he will become Titanium. Titanium has such great power and strength he CANNOT be destroyed in any way. "This answers the this that " YOU CANT GROW THAT HIGH! YOU'LL SUFFOCATE!" question you guys ask". This creature is extremely overpowered and has the power to put an end to anything. The normal height he goes up to is 650 miles high, but Titanium can go even higher than that. This creature is extremely dangerous if angered and can smash, crush, bash, slice, etc, you to death and never feel bad about it. Since this creature works for the good of everything, he will not attack you unless you attack someone else, or harm him. This creature carries a giant War Hammer and during battle, the hammer can set on fire to do very bad damage to the enemy, either that or it can turn into a red War Axe, which is a better choice for shocking the enemy in battle.

Note: This is a Drone WereDinosaur and will do anything to kill its prey.

Did you know: Did you know that MTF Unit-2481 was the first human to make contakt with Titanium and make friends with him.

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