Mob: Tureesa

A.K.A.: The teenage angel

Tyep of Mob: Angel

Frie/host: Friendly

Hight: 6-7 feet

Weight: <unknown>

Date of birth: <Data yet to be found>

Power: Angel

Weapons: None

Number: 777

Description: Tureesa looks like a 16-18 year old anime girl withnblue eyes, white hair, two (2) long ponytails that reach all the way to her thigh, waring a dress, white, whight gloves, and wings. It appears that Tureesa can't become transparent like other angels. She is one of the "special" angels that have disabilites then other angels. It also says here that Tureesa likes to proteact children and teens, and if needed, she will talk to them. Tureesa is very shy and rather listen than speak, but after a while, she feels much better. Adults say that Tureesa is a guardian angel when in fact Tureesa is just a normal angel. Tureesa was never made to become a guardian angel, but wants to try to become one by proving God that she is worthy enough to be a guardian. Tureesa can fly, go through walls, ceilings, and floors. However, Tureesa cannot become invisible, making it harder for her to hide. Male teens say that Tureesa looks like a beautiful prince, but she is an angel, and kids call her "guardian sister", when once again, she is a angel. Tureesa never knew her family, but thinks that her family were poor people when she was allive. No one knew her death and she doesn't remember how she died ether. But she believes that she died from a fail of air when she was asleep. Her best friend and her only friend is Jessica Tooth-claw. Tureesa and Tooth-claw have met in an ally, after Tooth-claw attack a serial killers Tureesa and Juessica Tooth-claw became friends ever since. Tureesa knows all about Titan, but never realy met him. Tureesa also says that she is in love with Drone the killer...and Drone the killer dusint know she likes him but he likes her back. But they dont know that they love one-another.

Note: Tureesa can move objects without someone noticing. Consequently, this means that she can be sweet, but at the same time she can be a real tough cookie.

The first incounter with tureesa was in a websight that alows you to talk to stranchers. Roomers say that tureesa's incounter was on websigh (not the titan wikia) talking to a 14 year old boy that had his hart brocken after and in the chat shows that that tureesa helped the boy get a new girlfriend by swiching a future time by 20min and adding a girl inbetween the unrighitin time line and allowing the girl saying "yes" to the boy. The chat ends by the cuple planing to go to the movies the following day affter the incounter with tureesa.

The .G.P.S. searching for tureesa has lost her after the chat was over.

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