Chat related rules

  1. dont spam
  2. dont be meen to others
  3. chanch the subject if says so
  4. if your going to talk things that are sexull, .P.M. (privit messiging) to anonther user. we DONT alow subjects about sex in the public chat
  5. You may do "role plays" as long as its under hands. if it starts to get too pursinul, stop. end of story.
  6. no "flame wars"
  7. NO trolling

Admins WILL give you 3 chancis to correct yourself in the chat, like Titan, On the 4th time you WILL get banned from the chat for 1 day. Get bannd agin and this 2 days and so on. The 1st worning is vorbel, 2ed is a threat, 3ed is a kick, 4th is a bann. Easy as that

Befor you can go on the chat, you must make 4 edits befor going to the chat (my advice, just do 4 comments and your ready to go)

Rules related to the hole Titan wikia web sight

  1. DO NOT post any sexul comments. (you can say for ex: "tooth-claw is sexy"  i dont mind, but something like "OOO TOOTH-CLAW IS SO SEXY I WANA HAVE SEX WITH HERE FLABER FLABER FLABER FLABER" I WILL not alow that commint and Will be deleted by ANY admin A.S.A.P. (As Soon As Posibol))
  2. DO NOT edit any of the pages by adding a newpage. If your not an admin, you dont correct anything. end of story
  3. do not post any picsures aside of the topick of this websight or anything agins this websigh (say if you post a drawing of Titan with his lightning axe i do not mind, however if you post a picsure of a car or spiderman "no effens" i will deleat them .A.S.A.I.S.T. (As Soon As I See Them)
  4. DO NOT add a new page on the websight, this websight is a articl for creachers from TITAN4 and a new one from someone els is not alowed.
  5. you can post videos ONLY about the creachers here on this wikiain the videos page, like the picsures rules, ANYTHING els than the creachers from here or something agince this websight WILL be deleted be ANY admin.

Rules for admins and chat monos relating to chat

  1. just becaus you admins and chat monos have more power in the chat DOESNOT mean you can abeus your power, as in dont fores users into doing things they dont whant to.
  2. If there is a fight in the chat, dont just use the kick or bann attack to deal with it, try to work it out. Remember, ALL users are counting on you.
  3. If your going to bann someone, make it a good resine and right the porpuse of the bann nice and clear (ex: you have been banned from the chat for miss-following orders and giving sass to others). If the bann is not clear enof, or just a dull resine they will be unbanned (unless if resin can not be put in a other way)
  4. ALL users have the right to missage me on my missage wall if there is an issue, something to do with ANY bann related subject, admin or chat mono abus needed to be reported, or just to leave a comment or a friendly missage (admins and/or chat monos CANNOT deleat a missage from anyone els missage walls, as if a banned user is trying to explane you something and you disied to deleat the missage, If banned user missages some other admin or chat mono any other admin or mono CANNOT delleat the missage from that missage wall. I WILL be looking at ALL the deleted missagis 24/7/6/12/365/100).

If power of admin or chat mono is abused non-stop, after tweenty (20) wornings, they WILL be taken away untill proved that you will never abuse your power ever agin (or just behave and ill think about giving it back or not).

Rules for admins of all tyep and chat monos out side that chat

  1. All admins are here to help out fix on some errors on this wikia
  2. DO NOT blocked ANY user if not reqwessted by you (wich means that ALL admins MUST ask me first befor blocking a user).
  3. Admins are the only once who can edit pages nothing els, DO NOT create a page to correct something if your not an Admin.


RPing is strongly encurched to make the chat more fun. Just as long as its keeped in controle and no flame-wars

If you whant to RP,it whould be veary helpful if you right about your caricture on your profile. If you need to add picsures, pleas link them to something off this websight.

User profile rules

  1. No porn, sexul orgins, or "the fingor" photos can't be used as your profile picsure. If cawt using any profile picsures using the lested Will be asked to chang there profile picsure .A.S.A.P. If fail to do so there WILL be a punishmint.
  2. I do not mind anime and/or miga drawing as a profile picsure, just keep it and "it" under cuntrole (I get it, Sexy, cute, i understand, but just keep the girl anime drawing at a tempercher thats not going to bure even the sun)

and last but NOT the lest (lets not forget) HAVE FUUUUNNNN ^-^

worning: this websight contanes creachers that relate to extream vilince. pleas read with caution.

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