VLFs is a short term for saying "Virtual Life Form". VLFs for a human would take years to create such a powerful program. But for Weredinosaurs from the planet Scawr whould take no less then 1 minute to create one. VLFs are declared "Life For" because they have real emoshens, thoughts, feelings, and ways of thinking. Just like a real life form. VLFs are programs that can do meny things that one program cant realy do. For ex: a VLF can protect your PC/MAC from viurises and usist you in life at the same time. The VLFs (unlike other programs) have feelings and VLFs can get bord, tiyored, stresed, angory, happy, sad, and even love, so VLFs cant be treated like normal mucheans or they can show some negative feelings. On Scawr, Its agenst the law to abus a VLF, and if brocken will resalt in 245 years in prizon, and/or death-row. VLFs for now are created for the Titanator bots. When VLFs are used on Titanators, the creators of them "clone" them to avoyed lost of familys both virtual, and not virtual familys. VLFs are also programs that one created cant be reprogramed. If etemted to reprogram, the VLF will die the moment its code is changed. Profeshenal VLF programers are the only once who can reprogram a VLF without killing it. Pro-VLF programers are hiured as doctures for VLFs at VLF hospitals, HOWEVER...a VLF cant be reprogramed as something els besides what they are. As in if FOR AN ex: If a VLF likes dinosaurs and cars, a VLF cant be reprogramed to chang its likes and feelings for sutin things.  VLFs start out as "Baby-VLFs" and as the years pass, and as they lurn more things, they mucher and evalve to "Adolt-VLFs". VLFs also get this emoshen that also effects reguloer life forms thats well known as "Love". A VLF can fall inlove with other VLFs and non-VLF organicts such as real life forms. For an ex: A VLF can fall inlove with another VLF that someone els made, or a VLF can also fall inlove with a human too. VLFs can do alot of things though one of the few things ANY programer cant do is program a VLF to fall inlove with someone or something, the love that VLFs get is all up to them and them only. VLFs compared to programs that have "feelings" do get feelings for real compared to other programs that where supose to lurn with human contact get feelings at random order and respon to things at random order. VLFs also have prosinalitys such as the likes of things and how VLFs see things difforintly then other VLFs. VLFs are powerful, strong, and wunderful programs...but just like normal life forms, they can also lurn bad things if they are tought negitivly.

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